Monday, March 13, 2017

Video Clip for Acorn Theatre Improv Competition

A little bit of mousetraps action during our January 2017 show GoProv 50 Shades Dorkier

Monday, March 14, 2016

GoProv Neon Future

Always look on the bright side of life. The future is so bright it's neon. Join GoProv for a night interactive improv comedy. No cover charge but we are accepting donations for Goshen Art House. Beer, wine and cider will be available for purchase. Stick around after for a private screening of a cult classic film.

The show is free this time.  We will take cash donations at the door, tax deductible donations by the way. 

Come to Goshen Art House 211 S. Main St Goshen, IN 46526
March 26, 2016 8PM.

Monday, February 22, 2016

2016 GoProv Events

Hello 2016!

We have a few shows in the works.  Check us out at various locations this year.  

Jan 30 Art House-GoProv Takeover

March 18-Private Event

March 26-Art House-Sketchy

April/May-Comedy Criminals Competition (to defend our championship.)

May 21-Sauk Theatre Workshop/Show

May/June-Kilmer Graduation show

July-Camp Tannadoonah  

Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec-Art House Shows  

We are for us.

check us out on the facebook/goprov, IG and the twitter @goprov 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Comedy Criminals Festival and Competition Show

"We are the champions, my friend..."

NBD, we won the 2015 Comedy Criminals Improv Festival and Competition at Elkhart Civic Theatre.

We won the audience vote and the judges vote and were rewarded with a future performance date on the stage for an hour long show.  Our show was scheduled for Sunday September 12, 2015.  Most of our shows are on Friday or Saturday nights but we gladly accepted the Sunday night comedy challenge.

We decided to honor Elkhart Civic Theatre with a show filled with music and musical theatre references.  Our great friend Jab, joined us on keyboard and trumpet to provide a soundtrack, backing music, sound effects and a song or two.
Jab playing Autumn Leaves

We played:

Space Jump
Try That On For Size
4 Corners
Sounds Like A Musical
Counting Words
Radio Station
Close Up Long Shot
Three Headed Broadway Star
Kilmer Experience

(L to R): Steve, Alex, Greg, Caroline, Aaron, Andrew, Pipp, Jab

The audience loved our show and gave us great feedback and some interesting suggestions, including one that we "denied".  We've been doing this enough that we get "proctologist" and "gynecologist" quite a bit. Although some may find it funny, we usually don't touch those offers.

This is what happens to the audience member who repeatedly suggests "proctologist"

Thank you to the Elkhart Civic Theatre Board of Directors, Staff, Volunteers and audiences for the opportunity to take our improv show on the go. We will be ready to defend our title in 2016.

Our next show is coming scheduled on Friday October 30, 2015 at Goshen Art House.  The show has a working title of "GhoulProv: A Haunted Night of Comedy (Now with Pumpkin Spice)".

Sunday, August 2, 2015

GoProv Audition Press Release


Goshen, IN—August 1, 2015 GoProv is hosting auditions for the 2015 Fall Season on August 4, 2015 at Goshen Art House, 211 S. Main Street, Goshen, Indiana. Auditions will begin at 6:00 p.m. Interested parties should arrive in comfortable clothes and shoes that will enable them to freely move around the stage and participate in improv comedy games. Must be 16 or over.  Ideal performers are confident, fearless and willing to participate in an ensemble.

“GoProv is looking to increase the number of teams and players who perform as part of the Goshen Art House show and also the traveling “Improv comedy on the go” show.” said Freeto. “As we continue to expand our performance territory, a larger base of  GoProv players will make us unstoppable in future competitions and festivals.”

The award winning improv comedy group GoProv has been performing improv comedy for 7 years and has performed in a myriad of locations including Goshen Art House, Elkhart Civic Theatre, South Bend Civic Theatre, The State Theatre, Better World Books, The Constant Spring, LangLab and other locations in Indiana and Michigan.  In May 2015, GoProv won the audience favorite and the judge’s award at the Elkhart Civic Theatre Comedy Criminals Improv Festival and Competition.


Sunday, July 26, 2015

Auditions! (Play time with GoProv)

Are you fearless, confident and excited about performing improv comedy? Have you ever thought "that looks like fun when seeing GoProv (or most other improv troupes)"? 

You don't need to be a comedian and you don't have to write jokes, you just have to be willing to be a part of an ensemble that relies on the basic improv tenet of "YES, AND..."

Come hang out with GoProv and learn about our plans to finish our 7th season from September-December at Goshen Art House. 

Wear comfortable clothes, bring water and leave your fears at home. It's a safe environment where we focus on the greater good of the ensemble. You will learn and we will play. 

Tell your friends and see if you like it. 

Age 16 and over please. We are a little childish at times but some of our material can be adult in nature.

Advice for Improv Auditions

Read the full article from the Jason Chin blog (RIP Jason.  Thank you for sharing your world of improv and your experiences)

Jason Chin: 
It seems that the most common trait is the person who supports someone else. Good advice in general, really. 
Don’t TRY to be funny. Make connections, make group moves, relate to your scene partner emotionally— that will be more effective and funny in the long run.
Don’t judge some one else during the auditions
Remember that you decided to do improv because it’s fun and you love it. Keep your sense of play.
Hard as it may be, don’t go in trying to showcase your ‘talents’, go in trying to showcase and elevate other people. These sort of moves that will get you noticed a lot more.
People watching you are your peers and they want you to succeed. Keep that in mind when you get nervous about what people will think of you and or your audition.
Play with everyone in your audition group as if they are a potential teammate and not as if they are your competition.
Have clear and interesting relationships. If you start with conflict or find a ‘problem’ with your scene partner just because you have nothing else, the auditors will usually be hoping for an edit soon. Most negativity in the auditions comes from fear, so try and be positive and be playful you won’t be playing from a place of fear.
If you treat someone in your group like they suck and their ideas suck, we will not call you back. If you’re with people who haven’t had as much experience as you’ve had, use that as an opportunity to make them look amazing and set an example of support.
It’s obvious if you try and shoehorn in a scene/idea you’ve thought about before the auditions. Please don’t do that. It’s never the hit you think it will be.
Show us you have range, show us your comedic POV, show us you’re having a blast playing pretend on stage.
If you’ve been in 6 scenes in 20 minutes, back off. If you haven’t been out there in 20 minutes, what are you waiting for?
Can you listen
Can you stay line by line moment by moment
What is your “and”. Is it truth in comedy? Dynamic and creative yet playable? Or is it : that  line everyone says for when that happens in the roommate scene (for example)
Why are you a great teammate and improvisor. See steps one and two…
Dress for an audition
Be aware of how much you are in it. That goes both ways – you look just as bad if you are in every scene.
You score major points when you take care of/make others look good.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

GoProv Saves The Earth (Post Show Notes)

April 18, 2015

An area improv troupe saved the Earth, but you missed it.  You were probably too busy scrolling through facebook or doing the twittering to notice that the earth needed saving.  GoProv and friends came to the rescue on April 18, 2015 at Goshen Art House.  

Back Row L to R: Caleb Eash (Kick Ass), Steve Freeto, Geoff Owens, Mike Koscielny, Greg Sommers
Front Row L to R: Alex Kilmer, Angie Pippenger, Sven the Stool, Bethany Wirick
Preshow Notes:  The stage decor was simple chalk designs of "super hero/comic" starbursts as created and drawn by Hannah Freeto and friends.  This was simple and easy to "load in" and provided a "pop" of color to the black box wall.

Set List:

Voice Over Intro
("In a world, somewhere between G-Town and E-ville you will find an ensemble of caped comedy crusaders looking to eliminate frowns and sadness from the faces of Michiana best looking audiences.  These semi-professional improv comedy gurus will gather once a month on this art house stage along with their trusty stool Sven to bring miles of smiles to everyone who attends.  Your trusty GoProvians will fight Captain Kranky Pants and other cotton headed ninny muggins right here, right now, forever and always.  Sit back, relax, stay calm and let GoProv handle the situation, the career, the relationship and the location.  On the count of three, you will shout "GoProv" and your heroes will arrive.  Get ready to, two, three...GoProv.")

Introduction with Kick Ass interruption

Space Jump


Good Bad Evil

Comic Book Lines

Good vs Evil Battle  

Line-Suggestion "raisins".  Shriveled grapes...Steve didn't take this suggestion very far and alluded to the "private area" of his super hero lady tights.  This needs practice stopping at the right part for the good "line"

Kilmer Experience-Song written and performed for a dude from the audience. His name rhymed with "prick" and "dick".  Nick's defensive mechanism when asked for a suggestion or a question was to respond with "your mom".  Kilmer wrote a song about him that included the aforementioned rhyming words.  The audience loved the song and agreed with us.  Nick was a good sport and certainly wasn't too rowdy as far as hecklers go.

More Awesome


Audience Story-Replayed a scene of an audience member getting "attacked" by two Chihuahua dogs. Of course, our audience member became the hero and with her steel ankles she was able to destroy the teach of these ankle biting dogs.   


Close Up/Long Shot

LCD-Osceola Speedway, High School Band Conductor, Washing Machine